Sunday, January 25, 2015

Smart and Cool

Aros learns your habits to keep your pad chilled


Even global warming can't eff with Earth's axial tilt.

Snow might still be falling in some parts of the country, but summer is incontrovertibly on its way. 
And you could take the time now to consider whether you want to stick with your dumb old A/C unit for yet another season — one that wastes energy and thereby contributes to said global warming.
Or you could switch to Aros, the new smart air conditioner.
A joint venture from Quirky and GE, Aros learns your location, schedule, and usage, automatically adjusting how it operates for all of those factors.

With three fan speeds and three cooling modes, it'll chill most medium-sized rooms easily, and fits windows up to 40.5 inches wide.
You control this 8,000-BTU beast with the Wink smartphone app, but you don't need to worry about constantly turning it on and off when you're away. Aros checks the weather to know when it needs to turn on, and will shut itself down if you start going over budget.
Central A/C doesn't sound so cool now, does it?

Price: $300, ships late May; preorder here

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