Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Brake With Tradition

Revolights' Arc brings your bike into the 21st century


If you ride your bike at night without any kind of illumination, we'd just like to know one thing: What can we bring to the funeral?
Your bike demands lights, and Revolights has been illuminating wheels with innovative LED systems since 2010.

But not everyone wants their entire ride to look like a Las Vegas marquee, or shell out a couple hundred bucks for occasional night rides.
Revolight's new entry-level Arc, however, is a smart, fender-mounted taillight with a built-in sensor that picks up on the rear wheel speed. So when you slow down, the bright LED lights come up.
The Arc is battery-powered, and has a reserve of about eight hours. You can recharge it via USB in just under two.
Since these lights are bound to make an impression, it helps that they're designed with anti-theft in mind, too. Permanently riveted, the lights are impossible to steal without removing the entire fender.

Next upgrade: light-up Space Invaders on your spokes.

Revolights Arc

Price: $70 here

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