Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grape Expectations

The Miracle Machine promises homemade wine in days


When you get right down to it, booze is dumb-simple to make. Just as tragedy + time = comedy, yeast + sugar + time = hooch.
The Miracle Machine promises to simplify that even further.
Developed by a couple of real-deal wine dudes, this oversized carafe contains heaters, thermometers, mixers, Bluetooth antennae, and an Arduino microcontroller that all work together to turn grape juice in to sippable vino in about three days, no oenology degree required.
Even easier, the whole process is controlled and monitored through an iPhone or Android app. 
We're not talking pruno, either.

The inventors promise that you'll be able to make full-bodied cabernet sauvignons and rich Napa chardonnays from their grape concentrate, yeast, and additional ingredients, which will be shipped monthly so that you can have a fresh bottle each week.

Not that we'd expect you to share.

The Miracle Machine
Price: $500, inquire here

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