Friday, January 30, 2015

iSee Dead People

Video chat from beyond the grave with


If having your mortal remains cremated and pressed into playable records doesn't sound like your idea of the great beyond, how about living as a ghost in the machine?
A group of engineers, designers, and businesspeople at MIT’s Entrepreneurship Development Program might soon allow you to do that with, a service that allows your loved ones to video chat with you well after you've kicked the proverbial bucket.
The concept is still a little light on details, but the plan is to collect as much data from you as possible — that presumably includes data from your social media accounts as well as information you offer directly — which is then processed using "complex Artificial Intelligence algorithms."

Think of it as the Netflix of your afterlife.
The result? An avatar that can interact with your friends and family, offering advice pulled from the information that makes up the new virtual and eternal you.
Right now, you can sign up on the wait list for an early invitation to the service, which promises to launch soon.

In the meantime, start working on your best poltergeist impression. What's the fun of being dead if you can't scare the kids?
Information: Sign up for an early invite here.

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