Friday, January 30, 2015

Mixology by Mail

Bitters + Bottles delivers the makings of great cocktails to your door


Sure, we overpay for drinks at the bar, but building a home bar can be a daunting task.

We all know what to do with Islay scotch and mezcal, but what does one do with bottles of Galliano and Cynar?
Leave it to Bitters + Bottles, a new start-up based in San Francisco, currently serving home-brewed barkeeps in California and New York.
Each month, its dedicated team of alcohol experts send you a full-size bottle of premium spirits and mixers necessary to make that month's selection of cocktails.
It's an iterative process: As your bar grows, so does your mixological know-how. And the previous shipment's mixers and liquors work with future shipments, too. By the end of your subscription, you'll have 60 classic recipes down pat, and all the necessary ingredients.
If you're a straight-up man, there's a non-cocktail option, too. Instead of mixers, you'll just get top-shelf sippers.
Or in short: Party at your place?

Bitters + Bottles
Price: $75-95 per month here

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