Sunday, January 25, 2015

Shave High, Shave Low

The Dollar Shave Club vs. Bison's luxe straight razor


What kind of steel you put on your face, if any, is a very personal decision.

As such, we wouldn't want to tell you that such-and-such razor is better than another. You're a discerning man, you know your face best.

But that doesn't mean we can't give you options. Here are two extremes of your shaving spectrum.

Yes, one whole American dollar per month buys you five cartridges of dual-bladed stainless steel razors with pivot heads and moisturizing strips that give certain name-brand manufacturers a run for their money. Speaking of money, you could always upgrade to the four- or six-bladed models (for a few extra bucks, of course) but there's something refreshing about the simplicity of this razor. Plus, it leaves you with some extra scratch to spend on Dr. Carter's Easy Shave Butter.
Price: $1 here
Good for: Everyday shaves, or a disposable alternative to the cheap crap in your hotel room.
The Dollar Shave Club describes its blade as "the ’82 wagon that starts when it’s below zero," but this right here is the Aston Martin DB9. Designed by the straight razor experts at Max Sprecher, this full-size, hollow-ground, carbon steel blade is intended to last more than a lifetime and keep its cutting edge between sharpening. The handle is composed of ultra-high-density carbon fiber that won't ever warp or rot.
Price: $895 here
Good for: Oligarchs.

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