Monday, January 26, 2015

Dial Up

Beep turns all of your audio devices into streaming pals


We love hook-ups.

Not as much as the Olympians in Sochi love hooking up, but definitely enough to tell you about a sleek, tanned, hard-bodied new hooker-upper.

It's called Beep, and it's here to revolutionize that mess of chords you call an audio solution.
This little copper gizmo is the brainchild of two former Google guys, and it hooks up to almost any audio device to give you wireless audio.
After the mobile app syncs up with Beep, your Wi-Fi network wirelessly connects to stream music into your favorite speakers. If you think it sounds a lot like Chromecast, well, see above re: Google.
You can use it to play local files on your mobile device, but it's also directly integrated with Pandora. Beep hopes to hook up with other services like Spotify soon.
As for the controls on Beep itself, it's all about minimalism. It's just got one big dial that allows you to adjust volume and start and stop your tunes.

You can also connect up to five Beeps on a network, so that your vintage Nikkos in the living room, your bathroom radio, and your home office desktop speakers can all play the same song at once.
You know, just in case Saturday night's hook-up takes you through all of them.

Price: $100 here

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