Sunday, January 25, 2015

Powder Ranger

Timbersled turns your dirt bike into a snow bike


Snow might be a problem in Sochi, but then again, so are a lot of things.
In fact, for all his millions, even Shaun White can't tear up powder like you'll be able to with the Timbersled's Mountain Horse kit.
No snowmobile? No problem. This is the centaur of snow vehicles, evolving your trusty old dirt bike into a season-defying snowmobile with an easy-peasy conversion kit.

You're new snow bike is lighter than a snowmobile and simply bolts on to most bikes with no other mods necessary. With your front wheel now a snowmobile-style ski and your rear wheel replaced by a studded track, you'll be ready to rocket through the snow.
It's available in short track, long track, and snow cross models, each with their own benefits — increased speed, more traction, and better performance on rough terrain.
The kit also adds a bit of storage space, because you'll want to take some supplies with you (read: booze) on your overnight trek.
Best part? You can convert it back to a bike when the snow melts, or if it just decides to never show up. (Sorry, Sochi.)

Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Kit
Price: $5,500-6,500 here

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