Sunday, January 25, 2015

Phone Throne

The Infinity Dock might be too pretty for your devices


It recently surprised the hell out of us to find how difficult it is to get a smart-looking smartphone dock.
We're not talking about speakers with built-in ports, or the stuff out of a SkyMall catalog, or even the $29 piece of plastic that Apple would like us to buy. Just a simple, elegant, no-frills docking station that will stand up to repeated use and ever-changing phone form factors.
Turns out, that's the Infinity Dock.
It's a little piece of aluminum machined and hand-assembled by a couple of industrial designers in California who call themselves The Refinery. It's designed so that it can be used universally with iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.
To keep itself in place, the Infinity Dock is padded with Regabond-S, a material developed in Japan that contains millions of microscopic suction cups, so that it won't slide around your desk or bedside table when you reach for a call. It's also precision-engineered to release your charging cable easily, just in case you need to take it with you.
The Refinery's still in the development phase and looking for backers on Kickstarter, who can get their dock in matte black, champagne, frosted silver, or matte blue. If you want to kick in a grand to get them off the ground, they'll machine you an Infinity Dock out of solid steel and plate it in gold.
Our phones almost don't deserve something that nice.

Infinity Dock
Price: $79-999 here, ships summer 2014

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