Thursday, January 29, 2015

Buckle Up

Beltology cinches your waist in every way imaginable


We'll admit it. We kind of never think about our belts.
You know how it is. You've got your weekender — probably a well-worn brown number from years back — and your dressy version in glossy leather. That's it.
Well, Beltology would like to remind you that there's more than one way to belt a cat. Or a human.
To start, Beltology dispenses with the notion that belts must be leather. In fact, it sticks to a more classic style, the Italian-inspired stretch woven belt, which allows for excellent fit.
As for the looks, there are dozens, from formal to just-so wacky. For the office, there are solids and subtle herringbones, with polished nickel buckles and full-grain leather trim.
Then things get weird: Belts in zig-zagged purple and black. Belts in Pepto pink. Belts that look like cake sprinkles.
If you manage to pull those off, we give you immense respect, sir.

Price: $45-65 here

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