Monday, January 26, 2015

Cyborg Chic

Embrace the Singularity with these new Google Glass styles


If you told us five years ago that wearable tech was in our future, we would've laughed you back into your Trekkie Con: "Good one, Geordi!"
Well, we were wrong.

You can't blame us. Even the first iteration of Google Glass was a bit, uh, nerdy, to put it politely.
But Google knows all (including your browser history) and realized it needed to step the fashion up a notch in the next round of designs.
That's where the Titanium Collection comes in. It's four new frames are equal parts sleek and retro-modern, meaning they won't look out of place on any discerning man's face — and that's with the standard Google Glass eyepiece attached.

And Google will soon provide the option of prescription lenses with those frames, too.
Of course, you'll still be walking around with a wearable computer in front of your eyeball, and no stylish frame can hide that.

But that's OK. The Singularity is nigh, when we'll all just upload our souls into one big robo-Matrix.
(That's our code name for the NSA.)

Google Glass Titanium Collection
Price: $225, plus Google Glass hardware; available late 2014

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