Thursday, January 29, 2015

No Smoking

Who needs to smoke cigars? All you need is a loofah


We don't need to tell you that you smelling like cigarettes is kind of a turn-off for just about everyone.
Sure, you might look like Jean-Paul Belmondo, but with that air comes the nauseous funk of an old ashtray.
Not so with Chiefs' new Tobacco Man Wash.
We've been digging Chiefs and its no-nonsense approach to grooming goods for a while. In fact, a morning hit of Lime Wash or Pine Wash is like an extra shot of espresso in our coffee.
But this new scent goes in the opposite direction. Instead of fresh fruit, you'll give off the earthy scent of a Cuban humidor.
Like all Chiefs products, it's an all-natural formulation of non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients. For this very special concoction, they're packing in coconut, olive, and jojoba oils, along with aloe, rosemary, and the fresh fragrance of tobacco.
So no, not Marlboro Man. More like Mad Men. You'll smell elegant, sophisticated, worldly.
Just, you know, without the ashtray.

Chiefs Tobacco Man Wash
Price: $29 here

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