Friday, January 30, 2015

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The Yellow Jacket gives would-be phone thieves a high-voltage sting


Last week, we told you about some of our favorite gadgets at CES. Well, we left one off.
Probably because the Yellow Jacket case isn't entirely legal in the whole of this great nation.

In fact, if you live in Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, or the US Virgin Islands, you might as well move along right now.
That's because the Yellow Jacket, available in a variety of handsome colors, isn't just an iPhone case. It's also a high-voltage stun gun.
Yes, you can now turn your smartphone into an electroshock weapon, just in case you happen to feel the need for personal protection.
The new iPhone 5/5s model dispenses a non-lethal 950,000 volts and 1.3 milliamps to would-be attackers, and features two safety mechanisms to prevent accidental discharge.
Still, you'll want to keep your newly weaponized phone away from the kids. Smurf Village will have to wait.
When it's not shocking criminals into submission, it also doubles as an extra battery pack, giving you up to two times more juice in your iPhone.
So even if you never call upon it to save your life, it'll still save your phone's.

Yellow Jacket
Price: $100-150 here

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