Saturday, January 31, 2015

Man of the Cloth

Spectre & Co. does shirting the way it should be


No matter his station in life, a man needs a shirt.
That is, unless he's a roadie at Burning Man. But that's another article.
A man's everyday shirt must meet several criteria, chief among them being a decent fit. For that, meet Spectre & Co., a New York-based clothier that does you one better than decent.
Spectre & Co. dispenses with gimmicks — no next-gen fabrics, no 3-D body scanning — and focuses instead on old-school craftsmanship.
That translates into slim, Italian-style cuts with spread and semi-spread collars in a variety of fabrics and patterns, from dressy Oxfords to winter-appropriate denim and plaid.
That's it. There's no, "Here's the kicker." These are simply expertly crafted shirts that won't bunch or billow around your midsection, but will only keep you looking like you keep a master tailor on retainer.
As for you Burning Man folk, well, we'll get back to you when someone starts tailoring for naked people.

Spectre & Co.
Price: $45-65 here

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