Sunday, February 1, 2015

Secret Panel

The PodPad hides your working life behind a sweet design piece


We're probably oversimplfying here, but we like to think that there are two main outlooks on life: letting it all hang out, or making your mess presentable.

When it comes to organizing your home office, however, it's hard to keep your wired life looking wireless.
Portland design firm Ruphus has come up with a crafty way to keep the clutter clean with the PodPad, a handsome wall-mounted desk that hides away everything until you need it.
Think of it as a Murphy bed for the the digital life.
It takes its inspiration from shadow boxes, with several compartments for each of your devices. There's a smartphone charging dock, a fold-down desktop, and even built-in speakers along the bottom.
The perimeter's finished in walnut, but you get a choice of white or bamboo doors. When they're closed up, the PodPad's just a big, beautiful design piece.

No one ever has to know what kind of jumble lurks behind them.

Price: $1,200 here

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