Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Pebble upgrades its already-awesome watch with Pebble Steel


We normally reserve our tech posts for Tuesdays, but some things just can't wait.
Case in point: The Pebble Steel.
Maybe you remember the Pebble. It made big waves at CES last year, and now, exactly one year later, it's doing so again.
Pebble's a groundbreaking piece of wearable tech that employs an e-paper display to give you your email, sync with your smartphone, and more.
And now it's dropped the plastic band that read more like "fifth grade" instead of "corner office." Think of it as Pebble: All Grown Up Edition.
The Steel model is compatible with all previous Pebble apps and is constructed from stainless steel and Gorilla glass. You get a choice of either leather or metal straps, in brushed stainless or black matte.
It's got a brand-new tricolor LED, a battery that lasts up to a week between charges, and a body that's waterproofed to over 150 feet. Oh, and it's ridiculously handsome, too — like if George Jetson worked at Sterling Cooper.
Poor Judy. She'd never even see Don coming.

Pebble Steel

Price: $250 here

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