Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Brew Kid on the Block

The Ratio Eight combines pour-over technique with automated style


Chemex. Aeropress. Hario. If you're a coffee geek, you know these names well already.
Well, here's a new one: Ratio Eight.
This hand-assembled piece of brewing beauty utilizes the same principles as pour-over coffee devices but adds precise technology to the mix, giving you a perfect cup each time.
First, your coffee is "bloomed," which degasses the grounds and allows for a better extraction in the second step. Then more temperature-controlled water comes down through the showerhead-style nozzle to finish the brewing process.

Simple, but exact.
The unit itself is made of walnut and die-cast aluminum with a nickel-plated finish. The lab-grade borosilicate glass water tank in the middle fits Chemex filters or an Able Kone stainless steel filter.
And it'll look handsome as hell on your countertop — something that few coffee machines can actually boast.

Ratio Eight Coffee Machine
Price: $480 here

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