Sunday, February 1, 2015

Skin Is In

Ray-Ban gives its Wayfarers a leather makeover


You're done. It's over. Everyone on your shopping list now has a gift accounted for.
Except for you.
Do yourself a solid and gift yourself Ray Ban's Wayfarer Leather Edition, a.k.a. the best new way to shield yourself from both the blinding snow and the envy of your less stylish giftees.
They're a little bit S&M, a little bit Rebel Without a Cause gone even more rebellious. And they dress up a casual look in the way that only leather can.
In addition to the textured calfskin leather — available in black or brown — these limited-edition specs feature the brand's time-tested polarized Neophan green lenses, which were originally developed for military use.
And that's a good thing, 'cause you'll need your clandestine super-secret agent skills to evade questions on who got 'em for you.

Ray-Ban Leather Wayfarer
Price: $300 here

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