Sunday, February 1, 2015

Nice Tool

The Benchmark Tool Box is the only toolbox we want


"Well, hello, toolbox."
You'll have to forgive us. It's hardwired into men's DNA to find a good set of tools irresistible.
You don't even need to be good with a saw to appreciate its teeth, as long as it's well-made. And the Benchmark Tool Cabinet is the apex of fine tooling.
It was reportedly created for design magnate Terence Conran a few years back. Now Conran's selling the very same kit in his shop.
The cabinet itself is all walnut and burr walnut, with rippled sycamore dovetailed drawers. Inside, there are planes, saws, and scrapers by Lie Nielsen, and chisels by Ashley Iles. A full set of screwdrivers and a set of hammers round everything out.
And this is not just a display piece. All of those tools are work-ready, should you happen to need them.
Then again, it'll also run you about a year's tuition at a decent college, so you might just want to keep this beauty away from the kids.
Just buy it a drink, stare deep into its drawers, and tell it how pretty it is.

Benchmark Tool Cabinet
Price: £12,000 (about $19,600) here

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