Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tight Knit

Hugh & Crye promise an off-the-rack blazer that doesn't need to go to the tailor


Small, medium, large. None of those exactly describes you, do they?
But good luck getting every piece of fabric you buy online tailored to your exact between-size specs.
That's why Hugh & Crye rethought the whole sizing system to fit your body type — for the tall and thin, the short and squat, the average-height athlete — because "medium" doesn't really mean anything when it comes to your shape.
The DC-based founders have been taking this approach to shirts for a while now, banishing muffin tops and too-tight chests from dude's wardrobes. 
Now they're upping their blazer game, with a new fully lined, two-button, 100-percent wool cut in nine colorways.
With double vents, chest and flap pockets, notched lapels and surgeons' cuffs, the light-weight Macmillan complements any office look just as effectively as when it's layered over a sweater and jean.
And it'll fit you like a glove, no tailor required.

Hugh & Crye Macmillan Blazer
Price: $245 here

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