Saturday, January 31, 2015

Horn of Plenty

Restoration Hardware's Gramophone takes your tunes back to the past


We've got a lot of opinions on speakers. In fact, we've told you about many of them.
But maybe you're the guy who says, "Sorry, but a minimalist concrete slab just doesn't sit well among my antique pocket watches and collection of artisan-taxidermied mice."
We hear you, we do.
So, you'll be pleased to know about Restoration Hardware's Gramophone for your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.
It's almost anti-tech. There's no Bluetooth, no WiFi — this here is straight acoustic beauty.
You simply set your iDevice in the base (available in solid walnut or dry oak) and press play. Suddenly your tunes will become amplified through the matte black metal horn, just as Thomas Edison wanted them to.
No electricity's required, so you can move it around without worrying about finding an outlet or stringing wires.
Of course, you might want to stick to your ragtime anthology for this one. "Wrecking Ball" might come out a bit too tinny.
But if you're the guy with the mouse collection, we didn't need to tell you that, did we?

Restoration Hardware Gramophone
Price: $159-239 here

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