Thursday, January 29, 2015

Good Footing

Mr. Black and Sneaker Freaker would like to clean your shoes


Sneakerheads, please move along. You've already got this stuff down pat.
For the rest of you — and we're talking to the people who think it's A-OK to put their Nikes in the wash — listen up. Your shoes are in dire need of attention.
Mr. Black's Garment Essentials is an Australian company that specializes in keeping your streetwear top-notch with its denim refresher spray and no-machine-necessary washing liquid. (Because, as you know, over-washing premium denim is like polishing your Rolex with Windex.)
Now Mr. Blacks has teamed up with the footwear geeks at Sneaker Freaker and released a kit with two of its latest products for your dogs.
The first is Shoe Refresh, a double-strength spray that lays low odor-causing bacteria with eucalyptus oil. This is no Febreze — the eucalyptus actually kills and neutralizes your funk, so your shoes will smell like exactly nothing instead of an overdose of perfume.
The other is a plant-derived Shoe Cleaner that, while devoid of harsh chemicals, is powerful enough to give even your most well-worn sneaks a tune-up. With the aid of a the included brush and a soft cloth, the solution cuts through dirt and scuff marks, leaving your pair looking brand-new.
Your Jordans would thank you, if only their tongues worked.

Sneaker Freaker x Mr. Black Cleaner Kit
Price: $45 AUD (about $41) here

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