Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Powered

Fluxmob's Bolt charger is the best thing a traveler could ever want


Hey. Hey, you. Your phone's dying.
You've probably got a gazillion gizmos for this. Hell, we probably recommended them to you.
But things change, technology improves, and Fluxmob's Bolt is the only one you want now.
It's a personal power backup and traveling wall charger with international support for 90-240 volts, so you can plug in almost anything without worrying about shorting out your hotel room.
The Bolt is encased in coated rubber and available in dark grey, light grey, and blue. It's tiny and totally minimal, except for three small lights that indicate your charge level. The prongs fold into the shell in order to take up less room.
Best of all? It doesn't scream, "I bought this from the SkyMall catalog during my layover."
You plug any USB device into Bolt, and Bolt into the wall. From there, your device charges, as does Bolt's personal battery. Take both with you and when your phone inevitably dies (damn you, background-refreshing apps), it's there to give you another two full charges.

Just try not to break out your mid-shower rendition of Snap's "I've Got the Power," no matter how much it seems appropriate.

Fluxmob Bolt
Price: $60 here

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