Thursday, January 29, 2015

The One Card

Coin condenses all of your plastic into a single object


Admit it: You're tired of lugging around that Whopper-sized wallet of yours. 
All those bank-fresh bills of yours aren't to blame. It's the credit card. The debit card. The other credit card. That Phillips 66 gift card your grandmother gave you for your birthday four years ago. 
Thanks to Coin, you can leave them all at home. 
Coin melts all your plastic down into a single digital card. A reader that you plug into your phone records all your original cards' information, then ports it onto Coin. You select the card you want to use when paying by tapping a button.
"Now, wait a second," you say. "I don't feel comfortable putting all my financial eggs in one easy-to-lose basket."  
Coin's engineers thought of that. That's why the Coin emits a low-frequency Bluetooth signal, of which your phone keeps track. If your card strays too far, your phone will let you know. 
Coin is in 50% off pre-order mode right now, offering $5 off referrals. They sold out promptly so get into the queue now before they begin shipping again in summer.

You can even put your Black Card on your black card.


Price: $55, pre-order here; ships in summer 2014

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