Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Armed Forces

Stockpile Designs turns WWII-era bombs into lamps and tables


"Explosive" is probably not an adjective you'd use to describe your apartment. 
While Ethan Allen-outfitted digs keep the place looking polished, you know what they say: girls love scars. Especially battle scars. Look no further than war-weathered bombs turned lamps, courtesy of Stockpile Designs.
Think of them as decorative Transformers. Except real.

This Brooklyn-­based design company makes most of its lamps and credenzas out of discarded military items like artillery shells, cache crates, cluster bombs, and anti­tank rounds.
The Blitz lamp, for example, is made from MK23 Practice Bombs. The Friendly Fire is a 75mm steel shell that was designed for use in the Korean War.
Stockpile Designs founder Jason Wright grew up around this stuff. His dad was a USAF pilot, and his mom worked for a defense contractor, so he appreciates the beauty of every cog that fit into America's war machine.
The aerodynamic designs that gave Jerry hell in '44 make for a damn fine lamp, and those boxes that carted rations and medicine to the Western front will store as many back issues of Sports Illustrated as you can read.
Take that, Axis of Ethan Allen. 

Stockpile Designs
Price: $90-4,400 here

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