Sunday, February 1, 2015

Stopping Power

Garrison Bespoke arms you against assassins and board meetings


You know that invincible feeling you get when you crush it in a meeting or on a date? 

The only way you could actually be more invincible is by wearing some anti-ballistic armor.

Sure, that doesn't sound practical under a business suit. But, trust us, Garrison Bespoke has you covered. 
This top Toronto tailor has created a bulletproof suit that's perfect for that investors meeting in Pablo Escobar's beloved Medellín, the corporate conference in Ciudad Juárez, or your next dinner date in Durban. 
Its fabric is made of carbon nanotubes, the same nanotechnology used in the uniforms worn by American soldiers stationed in Iraq. It's 50 percent lighter than Kevlar, it's remarkably breathable, and it looks great in a pinstripe
Garrison Bespoke didn't get a reputation as a top tailor by making cheap novelties. The top priority with this suit was to make something slim and modern-looking. You're not going to look like you're wearing body armor, even though you are. 
Don't take the suit as license to become a crime fighter or anything. Just know that next time you meet with Yuri to discuss a unique, less-than-legal import/export opportunity, you've got something to wear.

Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit

Price: Starting at $20,000; inquire here.

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