Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kitchen Aid

The Modernist Cuisine at Home now fits in the palm of your hand


The Modernist Cuisine. You've heard of it, surely.
Over 2,400 pages, five volumes, 52 pounds, and $625. For a cookbook.
Last year, its creator Nathan Myhrvold released an abridged version for those of you without your own rotary vacuum evaporators — you really need to get on that train, chief — which still weighs in at over 10 pounds. That's not all that helpful to schlep to the grocery store. 
But now there's an app version of The Modernist Cuisine at Home that weighs exactly nothing, and it's the best investment you've ever made for your kitchen.
It breaks down all the gear you'll need and tackles techniques for making your food effing flawless. You need a video demo on how to sear your steak with a blowtorch? Yeah, it's got that.
There are 36 other such videos, 416 recipes, and 1,683 of those insane and impossible photos from the print edition, along with extras unique to the app. It'll calculate and scale your recipes, and instruct you how to build perfectly melty American-style slices out of any cheese. (That right there just made your famous burger even better.)
It's available for iOS and on Inkling, where you can buy individual chapters should you prefer.
We'd suggest starting with the blowtorch chapter.

The Modernist Cuisine at Home App

Price: $80 here 

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