Sunday, February 1, 2015

White Warrior

The Der Ziesel Offroad Driving Machine will scare off any skier in your path


Skis are fine for posh types. Snowboards, for bros.
And then there are people who would rather conquer the powder with the Sherman tank of snow vehicles. For them, there is the Der Ziesel Offroad Driving Machine.
Yeah, we see it, too — is that cute, mute WALL-E? 

But WALL-E couldn't handle C-cups, let alone mud, sand, grass, and sub-zero temps. And could that little space robot tackle ski slopes, toboggan runs, and cross-country skiing tracks? Not a chance.
Once you strap into the racing seat of the 460-pound Der Ziesel, you will own everything in your path. Its two PMS electric disk motors produce 21 horsepower and 30 pound-feet of torque, propelling it at 22 mph through whatever you throw at it for up to five hours.
Oh, and because those motors are electric, they're not only eco-friendly, but also deadly quiet. You know, for sneaking up on your prey.
All of this is done not with fancy controls, but a simple one-handed joystick embedded in the wooden armrests. Metal mudguards keep this beast relatively clean while you stalk. You can get it in a number of paint schemes, but you'd probably want to stick with white.
Because EVE will like her new man all juiced up.

Der Ziesel Offroad Driving Machine

Price: $30,000; inquire here.

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