Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Tom Ford just changed the way you treat your skin


Guys, this one you do not forward.

On the surface, it's going to be about Tom Ford's new skincare line for guys. We'll say things like there's "nothing else like it on the market" and "your face deserves a little at-home pampering."
You'll go out and get the three-part system: a basic cleaner, moisturizer, and eye treatment with mud mask. It'll swaddle you in calming botanicals, reparative antioxidants, and rich oils. Your mug will look like a million bucks. 
But then — we're going to blow your worldview. Because Tom Ford didn't stop there. His collection also includes makeup. For dudes. 

Nobody's looking over your shoulder, right? Because this is one of men's best-kept secrets, and it's probably best kept that way. A poll from earlier this year found that one in 10 guys clandestinely applies makeup on occasion.

We're not talking about blush and lipstick. But a little dab of concealer to take the shine off a blemish or the bags under your eyes after a night of partying? Or a bare schmear of bronzer that will leave you looking less like Snooki and more like you just returned from a long weekend in St. Barts?
If anyone could convinces us, it's the impeccable Tom Ford aka Patrick Bateman aka the guy who just changed everything, forever.

Tom Ford for Men Skincare and Grooming
Price: $48-150 here

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