Monday, January 26, 2015

Hands Off

The gesture-controlled PACO speaker turns on with a wave


Don’t touch that dial. Not that you have a choice.
Meet PACO, a totally hands-free speaker that makes a Sol LeWitt sculpture look cluttered.
That hands-free part isn't an exaggeration. PACO's Kinect-style gesture controls and striking design set it apart from its knobby and dial-ly brethren, which keeps it fingerprint-free to boot. 

Manufactured in Italy, the PACO body is cast in a seamless concrete mold. The unconventional material allows the bass to reverb until it thumps with a fullness rarely found in small speakers.
Warm, buttery trebles float up from the top Fir Harmonic board. The natural wood softens hard edges, too.

If you're a sucker for minimalism and efficiency, you'll dig PACO's Bluetooth connectivity, which keeps your work space wire-free. And its gestural controls let your fingers stay on-task while allowing you to change tracks, raise and lower volume, and play and stop the music with a subtle move of the hand.
Just be careful not to turn PACO on when you're waving goodbye to your old audio system.

Price and availability: TBA, inquire here.

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