Friday, January 30, 2015

Quarterback Sack

Play the field in Harry Stedman's varsity jackets


Hello. Welcome to Medium-Weight Wool Jacket Season.
Yes, we have crossed the nebulous border between That Week Where You Wore a Windbreaker and the It's Still Too Damn Hot for a Peacoat. 
Harry Stedman, a relatively new menswear brand based in London that takes inspiration from the well-groomed lads of the '50s and '60s, has your back with its Classic Varsity Jacket.
Stedman (he's British, where it's in the bloodlines to know something about wool) teamed up with Golden Bear Factory (they're west coast, where it's in the bloodlines to know something about cool) to produce two versions — one regular fit and one slim — both in a cozy but handsome blend of virgin wool and nylon with cow-hide sleeves.
The regular fit is forest green and black: your weekend warmer. While the slim is grey through and through, and pairs with a dress shirt and tie. Both include leather-trimmed pockets and snap fronts, along with ribbed cuffs and leather cuff protectors for those dingier days.
Translation: You'll look like the prom king any day of the week.
Now you just need something for I Can't Feel My Face Season.

Harry Stedman Varsity Jacket
Price: £350 (about $560) here

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