Sunday, February 1, 2015

Keep a Cool Head

The Skully P1 protects your dome with cutting-edge technology


Google Glass is for nerds. Yeah, we said it.
Augmented reality tech, however, is not. And the Skully P1 motorcycle helmet might just be the most awesome example of what a heads-up display can be.
The P1 brings a Glass-like display, virtual rearview mirror, smartphone connection, and voice controls together into one sleek package.
On the back of the helmet is a wide-angle camera, feeding you a live, 180-degree view of everything happening behind you. That alone could help you avoid a crash.
The inside display also features a turn-by-turn GPS system, a hands-free music library, and notifications from your phone. Sure, you can answer calls with it, too. But why would you want to?
Oh, and it's 3-D laser-cut, so it'll fit your dome like a glove. 
The downside? It won't be available until 2014. But there's good news for you thrill-seekers: Skully wants riders to beta-test this baby right now.
Sign up here, and thank us later.

Skully P1
Price and availablity: TBA; sign up for beta-testing here.

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