Friday, January 30, 2015

Sack Up

Introducing BLCKCHRM, tough bags for tough days


Winter is coming. In a couple months, anyway.
Still, you should be shoring up your defenses right about now. And the first essential piece of your arsenal is a BLCKCHRM bag.
The first in a new line from American bag-maker Chrome, these three sleek, utilitarian carriers aren’t just pared-down pretty.
They’re made from Hypalon, a heavy-duty material that's used in US Coast Guard rescue rafts. That’s backed up with rubber-coated hardware, and a welded-waterproof 18-ounce truck tarpaulin liner that's no less than military grade. Some nubuck trim ups the style ante.
Chrome's initial offerings include the SOTNIK rolltop duffle, BRAVO backpack, and CITIZEN messenger bag.
The bags do show wear over time, however, giving each a unique character. But with all that soldier-grade material, you don't have to worry about the wintry elements getting their mitts on your goods.
What else you got, snow?

BLCKCHRM by Chrome
Price: $200-280 here

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