Monday, January 26, 2015

Cos Play

Stumped for Halloween? Look no further than our costume guide


Halloween is now two weeks away. It's time to figure out who you want to unleash on the world.
Let us get you started with our favorite Halloween costumes this year.  
Snapchat or Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger: At last, an excuse to take d**k pics! In public! All night! But only flash people for 3 seconds at a time. 
Humpday camel: Dress like a camel, really love Wednesdays.
Your favorite dead/dismembered Game of Thrones character: Take a medieval costume, then add fake blood. Voila, you're a Red Wedding guest. Hide one of your hands, and you're Jaime Lannister. Add several dozen stab wounds, and you're Robb Stark. Maybe don't do what's necessary to be Theon. 
Sharknado: One guy gets to be a shark. One guy gets to be a tornado. Flip a coin if you have to.

Get Lucky: This entirely depends on the availability of Daft Punk space helmets, but if you can round up at least two (along with some sparkly suits), you're, uh, in luck.
Alien from Spring Breakers: Just find a gaggle of gals willing to prance around in matching ski masks and bikinis, and you too can be America's favorite embodiment of excess. Bonus points if you memorize his epic monolog.
Agent Smiths/the NSA: If you and your bros have matching suits and sunglasses, you can be the scariest thing in the news these past 12 months.

Roger Goodell and the Head Injuries: One guy in suit & tie. The rest swaddle their heads in gauze and neck braces, and when asked, can't remember who they're dressed as.

Grand Theft Auto V: Michael De Santa in a suit jacket, Franklin Clinton in a long-sleeve and button down, and Trevor Phillips in a white T. The rest of the group = dead hookers.

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