Sunday, February 1, 2015

Making Waves

The Revo SuperConnect is all the radio you'll ever need


No one needs a radio.

Then again, no one needs scotch or steak tartare, either. We could all just live on water and Nutraloaf.
But we expect that you, like us, enjoy life's finer things. Which is why you want the Revo SuperConnect.
Short answer: It's perhaps the world's most amazing Internet radio.
Long answer: It's a minimally designed but maximally functional audio device that can access 16,000 stations around the world. It's Bluetooth, DLNA, and Spotify Connect-enabled. It's got a simple but beautiful OLED display set inside an all-wood American walnut cabinet.
The SuperConnect can pull in several digital radio standards including DAB, DAB+, FM with RDS, and Internet radio. Inside, there's a 15W Class-D amp with a 3.5-inch BMR speaker driver that provides rich bass and clarity. It's just about all the radio you'll ever need.

Then again, you could always just stick with your Nutraloaf.

Revo SuperConnect
Price: £250 (about $400) here, ships November 8

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