Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pyro Power

The FlameStower charges your phone with fire


We think we've reached a technological impasse.
Because that thing you see up there? It's called the FlameStower, and it's a cellphone charger.
But not just any charger. It powers your phone with fire.
Yes, the favorite energy source of Homo erectus. That's how far back we have to look for contemporary technological innovation.

Don't act surprised, we've been reverting plenty lately. Truly.
But evolutionary irony aside, this is advantageous in many settings: camping, power outages, zombie apocalypses, weird sexual fantasies, and generally going off-grid on the lam.
All you need to do is fill a small resevoir with water and place the FlameStower over your fire — presto, charge-o. Best of all? It works in nearly any environment.

So you don't need to let a little thing like a hurricane spoil your Words with Friends match.


Price: $70 here, ships December 2013

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