Monday, January 26, 2015

Secret Sipper

Billy Reid and Coach collaborated on the only flask you'll ever need


Do you feel that nip in the air? It's decorative gourd season, mofos.

And with decorative gourd season comes the need for toggle sweaters, chukka boots, and clandestine boozing.

Not that one ever needs an excuse to responsibly drink in public, but you've graduated beyond smuggling a fifth of bottom-shelf schwag into football games, haven't you?

Luckily, Coach leather and designer Billy Reid are one step ahead of you. The two brands have collaborated on a pair of limited edition flasks that make flouting open container laws oh-so-stylish.

First in a series of men's accessories that will draw from Coach's archives, the flasks are girded in either smooth premium leather or a crisp brown alligator skin. We suggest a scotch for the former and rye for the latter, though anything you put in these will pour out smooth.

Say goodbye to brown-bagging it.

Coach + Billy Reid Whiskey Flask
Price: Leather flask $200, alligator skin flask $500

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