Sunday, January 25, 2015

See Change

Warby Parker's fall collection puts thrift store-style treasures online


There was a time when you got a pair of glasses and you stuck with them for so long they needed duct tape.

You called that look throwback, maybe even vintage.

Strangers called it molester-y.

Losing the duct tape, Warby Parker's bringing that dime-store cachet to their awesome and affordable new Fall Collection that you'd otherwise spend a lifetime flea market hunting to find.

Most of the nine different optical and sunglass styles feature a chunky, retro top bar and temples, which taper into skinny metal rims at the bottom. We imagine they're what the architect of Colin Firth's house in A Single Man might've worn.

The Ripleys provide that rounded look — which definitely doesn't seem to be dying any time soon — while the others stick to rectangular territory with varying degrees of softness around the edges.

As usual, Warby's got it in the colors department, with its classic mottled Whiskey Tortoise and Oak Barrell offset by the brighter and cleaner Marbled Sandstone and Graphite Fog.

Hell, maybe we'll just get all of them. Time to start clearing out some desk space.

Warby Parker Fall Collection

Price: $145

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