Friday, January 30, 2015

Write to Work

iSketchnote digitizes your handwriting in real time


"If you see a stylus, they blew it," Steve Jobs once said.

True enough, the iPad, while great for drawing with a stylus, totally sucks for taking notes in a natural way without resorting to typing.

But a new smart iPad cover called iSketchnote totally rethinks the way you can write and draw on the iPad. Its solution? Use a pen and paper instead.

Stay with us here. This cover contains a precise array of sensors that essentially scans your movements on a piece of paper in real-time and transfers them to your tablet.

The iSketchnote works with any kind of paper or notebook. Essentially, you draw with the iSketchnote pen — a regular pen with an embedded magnet at the tip — on the sensor pad, which communicates that data to your iPad. And you end up with a hard copy to boot.

iSketchnote will offer several different types of pens (ballpoint, felt, colored) and plans to connect with Evernote, Paper, Penultimate, and Vision Objects, so you don't have to switch away from your favorite apps.

Say goodnight, stylus.


Price: $150 here, shipping May 2014

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