Monday, January 26, 2015

Foot Fetish

Sock Panda keeps your ankle game elevated


This is where we ask you to grab your ankles.

Now what do you see?

Sourced selvage denim paired with blah ribbed tube socks that Grandma got you for your birthday three years back?

There's no need to fear, Sock Panda sock-of-the-month service has come to your rescue.

Here's how this works. Sign up for Sock Panda ($11 per month). Indicate whether you want "bold" or "cool" designs, and every month you get a new pair of exceedingly not-boring socks delivered to your doorstep.

There's no telling where they'll be from. The founders have set up partnerships with brands all over the world, so you could get a pair from South Korea one month, from Argentina the next. The only guarantee is that they're gonna look and feel good.

Want to switch from bold to cool? Or gift the socks, even just one month's pair? Go right ahead.

We'll understand if you start cuffing your pants from here on out.

Sock Panda

Subscribe: $11 per pair per month here

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