Monday, January 26, 2015

Night Light

Brighten your ride with Purefix Glow


The days are getting shorter. By the Transitive Property of the End of Summer, that also means the nights are getting longer.

For some, dark conditions might mean less bike time. But for those of us with Purefix's Glow line of fixies, low visibility will never be a problem again.

That's because your Purefix will radiate some radioactive green light wherever you go, thanks to a coating of solar-activated glow-in-the-dark paint. Just leave your bike outside during the day and boom: glowing bike.

Want light-up deep-dish wheels? Go for the Hotel model.

Just the velodrome-ready frame? The Kilo's got you covered.

Or maybe just the whole damn bike? You want the Zulu.

All of the models feature a flip-flop rear hub (so you can ride single-speed or fixed), and come standard with a front brake.

But the glowing. The glowing! If only we could make glow-in-the-dark everything.

Pro tip: You might want to invest in a stronger bike lock.

Purefix Glow

Price: $400 here

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