Monday, January 26, 2015

Package Delivery

MeUndies takes care of all your nethers' needs, and then some


Underwear: It's a necessity. Well, for most of us.

MeUndies understands this. It also understands that, as with most necessities, you probably hate buying it.

So let MeUndies take the reins and deliver you a fresh pair each month. That's right: Briefs of the Month Club.

Or trunks, or boxer briefs. And shirts and socks, too. Everyone's got a favorite flavor, and MeUndies delivers it in ultra-soft modal fabric in a broad range of colors.

But MeUndies also knows that maybe you don't want to do your laundry, like, ever. Which is why it offers a 365 Packa fresh pair for each day of the year. And then, hopefully, you will never need new underwear again.

As if that weren't enough, now MeUndies has launched a crowdfunding campaign to start up a real-time video chat customer support service. For underwear.

As in, jockey neophytes can talk to a live MeUndies expert about how exactly this whole fly-front thing works (trick question — MeUndies briefs are flat-front), and which leg is supposed to go in which hole.

A camera-based underwear consultation. This'll end well. Just ask Chatroulette.


Price: $20 per pair, or $16 with subscription here; 365 Pack $3,250 here

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