Sunday, February 1, 2015

Surf's Up, Down, and All Around

This motorized JetSurf changes everything


Thank you, Laird Hamilton, for bringing us Stand Up Paddleboarding, enabling groms and pros alike to paddle out even when it's flat.

The only problem: we'd still rather be shredding.

The JetSurf motorized surfboard allows you to turn the ocean into your own personal skate park.

Instead of paddling out and waiting for your set to roll in, you just hop on, strap in, and go. Catch crazy air or just shred whitecaps at speeds up to 35 mph.

This isn't the only motorized board on the market, but it's definitely the only portable one. The Formula 1 engineers behind the JetSurf wanted it to be light, so these bad boys top out at just 30 pounds, fully loaded. (You've seen burritos bigger than that.)

Each JetSurf is made by hand at a factory in the Czech Republic. So that means a couple of things: 1) Your JetSurf is made just for you, but 2) there's a bit of a waiting list.

And 3) it probably thinks it's a snowmobile when born in cold weather, but you'll teach it to swim.


Price: Starting at $12,000, inquire here

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