Tuesday, January 27, 2015

America's Top 5 Man Dates

The top 5 places to bro down


Is the fire of your latest bromance dwindling? Do you guys just sit playing video games in silence, without so much as a hint of congratulation or smack talk?

It's time to warm things back up.

The top five man dates to be found across the U.S. of A. will kick things back into gear.

And click below for a countdown of your favorite city’s top 5 man dates.

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Boston's Top 5 Man Dates

Chicago's Top 5 Man Dates

Dallas' Top 5 Man Dates

Los Angeles' Top 5 Man Dates

Miami's Top 5 Man Dates

New York's Top 5 Man Dates

San Francisco's Top 5 Man Dates

Seattle's Top 5 Man Dates

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