Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rockin' Resting Place

Who needs graveyards when your earthly remains can be the life of the party?


At some point, you may have thought about which song you'd want played at your funeral.

But have you thought which songs you'd want loved ones to associate with you forever?
Start jotting down songs now, because UK-based And Vinyly will make them the most personal playlist ever — by pressing your ashes into playable records.

Yes, you read that correctly.
Don't worry about trying to find that one song — the unearthly grooves of an A.V. LP can hold up to 24 minutes of sound (12 minutes per side). 

But what about the cover art? With vinyl, the music’s only half the fun. You don’t want your black album to look like The Black Album. This will be your last release before you go on permanent hiatus — it should look great.

That’s why A.V. has partnered with top painters, including Paul Hague, whose work hangs in London’s National Portrait Gallery, to offer cover art services. It’s a bit extra, but on truly memorable records, no expense is spared

And then your family and friends can continue to groove to your favorite tunes, well after you’ve hit the great afterparty in the sky.

And Vinyly

Price: Starting at £3,000 (about $4,645) here

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