Friday, January 30, 2015

Road Tripping

Take male bonding beyond state lines with the US's top 5 man dates


Every now and again, a man needs to quench his thirst for adventure with his best bros.

He can do this one of two ways: recruit a crew crazy enough to be chased by herds of wild bulls out for blood OR embark on a more leisurely but equally memorable road trip.
Here are the top five man dates to be found in the lower 48 states.

5. Pole Sites: The Pole Dance America Championship Tour
The only thing better than pole dancing is really, really good pole dancing. Go see the best we've got at one of the Pole Dance America Competition Tour stops. They say there are fines for "excessively sexual" routines, but really, they're just saying that.
Thru November. Tour dates here.
4. Barrel Necessities: The Kentucky Bourbon Trail
You know how your girlfriend is always trying to get you to go on a wine tour in the North Fork or Napa (or whatever)? They have tours for the hard stuff, too, and they're just as picturesque — but a lot browner. Get on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour, or just mosey from Four Roses to Maker's Mark to Jim Beam and back. Then crawl to the nearest motel.
Various locations in and around Lexington, KY. Check out their trip planner here.

3. Paint It Black (and Red and Green): Skirmish Paintball
There is paintball, and there is serious effing paintball. Skirmish is the latter. Wanna go to battle on over 40+ fields? Wanna storm castles? Wanna capture flags? Wanna re-enact the Tet Offensive? Buy ice packs now.
211 North Meckesville Rd., Albrightsville, PA

2. Smoke Stop: The American Royal World Series of Barbecue
The great thing about barbecue is that there are a million ways to define "the best." At the American Royal World Series, they're pretty much all represented. Over 60,000 people show up to try the BBQ goodness delivered by over 600 chefs. Keep October 4-6 open, and buy a larger pair of pants.
Oct 4-6. Kansas City Stockyards District, info here.

1. Crushing It: Crash Team Demolition Derby Tournament of Destruction Finals
Bet you didn't know demolition derby was a team sport, didya? In Joliet, Illinois, it sure is, and it is a sight to behold. Pick a squad, and get ready to watch some transcendent figure-eight carnage this fall at the finals.
The Dirt Oval, Rt 66 Raceway, Joliet, IL

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