Sunday, February 1, 2015

Yacht So Fast

Airstream's beauteous Land Yacht will change your mind about RVs


Picture yourself on a ridiculously plush yacht.

Now take that yacht, slap wheels on it, then drive it absolutely anywhere your little heart desires.

Allow us introduce you to the Lamborghini of RVs: the Airstream Land Yacht.

This is not gramma ‘n’ grampa’s post-retirement travel companion. This is 28 feet of top-tier luxury.

Teak and white wood flooring. Sleeping for five. Couches made of a material called Ultraleather, which incidentally, has a nicer ring to it than plain old "leather."

It's all the brainchild of Mario Micheli, the longtime interior designer for Riva Yachts, the premier yachtmaker for the Bond villains of the world.

But this cruiser’s so much more than its (very nice) raw materials. It’s got adjustable tables and remote-control beds, plus a power awning if you feel like basking in the great outdoors. Though we can't promise you'll ever go outside.

Once you get inside the Land Yacht, you’ll be hard-pressed to leave it. Ahoy!

Airstream Land Yacht

Price: $140,000, inquire here

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