Saturday, January 31, 2015

Carry On, Soldier

This bag will outlive you (and your children) and it looks good, too


It's all-out urban war out there.

You against the hipsters. You against traffic. You against the heat. You against two-hour happy hours, Breaking Bad spoilers, and every last Kardashian.

But if you're gonna hump it out there against all that, you need to carry provisions. And you can't do that in a reusable grocery bag, messenger briefcase, or that canvas thing you call a weekend duffel. 

Stand at attention and salute Sword & Plough, which upcycles military surplus equipment for civilian use thanks to West Point-born Army brat sisters Emily and Betsy Nunez.

Veterans at Green Vets Los Angeles hand-sew each of these unisex bags — made from Gore-Tex sleeping bag bivies, laundry bags, and new leather accents — providing jobs for our service members, and sick carry-alls for the rest of us.

The bags come in three styles — a messenger, a roomy tote, and a large urban rucksack — each of which varies ever so slightly in color due to the materials used. (So your bag will truly be an original.)

Sword & Plough also offers key fobs, tees, and iPhone and iPad sleeves. But given how you treat those iGadgets, you might be better off with kevlar.

Sword & Plough

Price: Bags $219-289; accessories $35-69. Ships in October, preorder here

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