Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cross the Streams

Unlimited web on your TV for $35 with Google Chromecast


Just in case you were hidden under a rock last week, let us be the first to share the good news:

Google just changed how you watch TV.

Which is probably not great for people who spend most of their time under rocks, because having the endless options of Google's new Chromecast device won't exactly get you out into the world more.

Here are the basics:

1) Drop a measly $35 on an HDMI dongle that looks like a slightly oversized thumb drive.
2) Stock up on food and water.
3) Plug the dongle into your TV.

Now you can watch all the Web video you want on the big screen.  Netflix, YouTube, the World Wide Web at large — all of it.

Sure, you've seen this trick before with AppleTV — except not really. Chromecast doesn't stream anything from your computer or mobile device like Apple's Airplay does. Instead, you click on a button in your Chrome browser, which "casts" the content to your bigscreen via the cloud.

Poof. Magic TV. You're free to use your laptop or phone for other pursuits, and your phone or tablet as a remote.

And now you can back to your rock — with a hell of a lot more TV to watch this time.


Price: $35 here; ships in 2-3 weeks

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