Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rebel Alliance

New Balance's American Rebel Collection brings back the badass


Your rebellious phase: It was awesome while it lasted.

We're guessing there was a fair share of sneaking out after curfew and sneaking into girlfriends' windows.

But times have changed, and now you're less about sneaking around undiscovered than you are comfortably sticking out. Cue the the American Rebel Collection from New Balance.

Though you might not be outrunning the cops, these puppies preserve your sense of anti-establishment while ensuring you make known your adult mastery of the style game.

NB's newest made-in-the-USA style pack comes in three slammin' colorways, drawing inspiration from '50s and '60s American bad-boy culture: silver and red nods to hot rod cars and motorcycles, plus charcoal and black tones for Rebel Without a Cause grittiness.

The first colorways are out now, with more to follow on August 1 and September 1. So your rebellious phase is set for a stylish comeback going into the fall.

But please, no sneaking through windows this time.

New Balance American Rebel Collection

Price: $150-160 here

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